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Below is a list of some highlights, thematically organized, with recent publications given some preference.  Some of the links provide free access.

Co-evolution of life and the environment

DH Rothman, Carbon-cycle catastrophes: a dynamical systems perspective, SIAM News 52, 1, November 2019.

DH Rothman, Characteristic disruptions of an excitable carbon cycle, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116, 14813-14822 (2019). PDF available upon request.

DH Rothman, Thresholds of catastrophe in the Earth system, Science Advances 3, e1700906 (2017).

DH Rothman, Mathematical expression of a global environmental catastrophe, Notices of the American Mathematical Society 64, 138-140 (2017).

DH Rothman, GP Fournier, KL French, EJ Alm, EA Boyle, C Cao, RE Summons, Methanogenic burst in the end-Permian carbon cycle, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (15), 5462–5467 (2014)

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DH Rothman, Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels for the last 500 million years, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 99 (7), 4167-4171 (2002)

DH Rothman, Global biodiversity and the ancient carbon cycle, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 98 (8), 4305-4310 (2001)

Kinetic complexity of the carbon cycle

JD Hemingway, DH Rothman, KE Grant, SZ Rosengard, TI Eglinton, LA Derry, VV Galy, Mineral protection regulates long-term global preservation of natural organic carbon, Nature, 570, 228–231 (2019) .

DH Rothman, Earth's carbon cycle: A mathematical perspective, Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society 52, 47-64 (2015).

Y Cohen and DH Rothman, Mechanisms for mechanical trapping of geologically sequestered carbon dioxide, Proceedings of the Royal Society A 471:20140853 (2015). Postscript

C Follett, DJ Repeta, DH Rothman, L Xu, and C Santinelli, Hidden cycle of dissolved organic carbon in the deep ocean, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 11116706–16711 (2014).

D Reeves, DH Rothman, Age dependence of mineral dissolution and precipitation rates, Global Biogeochemical Cycles 27, 906-919 (2013)

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DC Forney, DH Rothman, Common structure in the heterogeneity of plant-matter decay, Journal of The Royal Society Interface 9 (74), 2255-2267 (2012)

DH Rothman, DC Forney, Physical model for the decay and preservation of marine organic carbon, Science 316 (5829), 1325-1328 (2007)

Geometry of natural forms

Y Cohen, O Devauchelle, HF Seybold, RS Yi, P Szymczak, and DH Rothman, Path selection in the growth of rivers, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1413883112 (2015).

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JP Grotzinger, DH Rothman, An abiotic model for stromatolite morphogenesis, Nature 383 (6599), 423-425 (1996)

Discrete fluids, interfacial flows, and porous media

DH Rothman and S Zaleski, Lattice-Gas Cellular Automata: Simple models of complex hydrodynamics, Cambridge University Press (1997). Free software and further information.

DH Rothman, S Zaleski, Lattice-gas models of phase separation: interfaces, phase transitions, and multiphase flow, Reviews of Modern Physics 66, 1417 (1994)